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Marty Fleisher, Winner 2010 United States Bridge Championships


“By using the Super Body, Super Brain program, not only have

I greatly improved my physical body, but also my mental acuity and stamina. This has enabled me to greatly improve my bridge Game, even though I am in my 50s and have a demanding professional career. I could not have become a champion without Michael! “

 Martin Fleisher, Winner 2010 United States Bridge Championships


“What I like best is that Michael’s constantly changing it. He’s always switching the exercises. We never do just one movement – it’s always at least two parts and it’s always challenging. When he tells me to close my eyes and concentrate on good form and do the same amount of reps, it’s another element of challenge. In my mind’s eye, I’m trying to visualize what he’s told me to do without asking questions, and what had been an easy exercise becomes much harder.

          “It’s a whole different skill set to do properly. After 4 years training with Michael, it still gives my brain a jolt.

          “My body’s response has also been very consistent. I’m very toned in isolated areas that needed more work. He changed the shape of my thighs. And my core is so strong. If you start doing these exercises before you have the breakdown that inevitably comes with age, I really do believe you can stave it off. They give you a great foundation of strength. And it only took about two weeks after I started for me to see results.”


Extra: Jill Seelig on the New Upcoming Website: “”


Hi there I am Jill Seelig I am the publisher of O, The Oprah magazine. I am here to tell you that I love SBSB. it’s a great workout program. I love I can access it online anytime, anywhere, anyplace. My schedule is kind of crazy so having that flexibility is fantastic and to be able to access it in the road to be able to keep up my workout is great and as the name implies it really works your body and your brain. Physically I feel toned, I am flexible, I love to play tennis so I have a lot of agility and speed in the tennis court so is helping my game and mentally I have greater levels of energy after the workout I feel sharp all day long and help my mental acuity. Fantastic program I highly recommend it in a word is SUPER!    


Mary Leuchars, MD

Hi my name is Dry Mary Leuchars. I am MD and trained in Australia as a Sports Doctor now I work in neuroscience.

I have been looking for someone to help me with my physical fitness but also incorporating something cerebral so I can I use my brain in a time effective workout.    

I did some research and found Super Body, Super Brain. I tried the program with Michael just a couple times and I feel fantastic. My energy levels are great. When I sit down in my desk to work I feel I l have a clear mind I definitely recommend this program to my friends and my patients.

It really helped me recover from a L5 S1 disc problem I had as well

I used to compete in triathlon and I had many experience with physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors in both Australia and US and I have never seen anything like Super Body, Super Brain I love it I am going to tell everyone about it and you should try it too.

Cristina, Dentist, DDS Partner 39 years old


          “Thanks to Super Body, Super Brain online program my body has changed completely – from him showing me what to do and knowing what my body responds to. You will spend with his program 10-30 minutes a day and have spectacular results: you will lose weight, have more energy and experience an increased brainpower for your job!

          “Best of all, these workouts have changed how I sleep. Waking up in the morning used to be a disaster – I couldn’t get going. Now, I sleep deeper and have no trouble getting out of bed in the morning. It’s as if I have a more relaxed brain so I can get more restful sleep.”




RORY, Banker, Financial Analyst 38 years old

I need to have several brain surgeries in 2006 and developed epilepsy in 2007. During one of the surgeries, I had a stroke.
Michael’s Super Body, Super Brain training is targeted toward the mind and body which is much different than the physical therapy that I had at several different medical centers in New York City! His techniques are very helpful, particularly with my balance, strength and improving my gait, which is something I need to work on after the stroke. My balance, strength and gait improved after only a few sessions, because Michael knows just the right exercises to get my brain working with my body.




“I was desperate to find anything that would help me with something distressing called an expressive/expressive language disorder that I have suffered with through the years. My disorders got worse as I got older—I’m now in my mid-forties–and sometimes expressing myself became very embarrassing to me under stressful situations, as I could not locate words.

“Unlike most people who would seek out an exercise program to lose weight and get in shape I did this to help my brain function better with the hope my memory and my communication could be restored.

“After the first few workouts I noticed a change. After one month I felt like my brain had had an extreme makeover. My memory was sharp again, I could easily locate words, and my verbal communication skills were back on track. Doing these exercises has restored my intellectual confidence.”


Michael’s program has helped me to lose 12 lbs. in 8 weeks! I absolutely love his Super Body, Super Brain program, has helped get into shape, increase my energy, pay attention to what I eat, my nutrition giving me a better outlook in life, a better direction in life. I recommend his program to anyone who is looking to get into shape with innovative exercises. Thanks Michael!

Amy Editor in Chief, 73 Years Old

 “Super Body, Super Brain Program is for everyone, here I am with 72 years old, forgetting how old I am. When I started with his program I was clumsy, moved slow, I had problems with balance and stamina. After just two weeks I was seeing how my stamina increased, my core was strong and I was not clumsy anymore. I finally understand how exercise can stop the biological clock by helping you move better!

“As I get older, I particularly relish the exercise and meditation component, as it is my secret cure for all varieties of human misery, from boredom, impatience, and simple sadness to serious grief and the threat of meaninglessness. –The best preventive medicine.”


 “Play is an activity that’s found in all intelligent creatures, including some animals. It’s fundamentally related to learning; you’ll watch dogs play at things that they later have to learn. In humans, play usually has an underlying unconscious goal. For example, ‘catch’ is about connection, so I often play catch with children who have problems with separation. Tennis is ‘catch’ wedded to aggression. And when you put opposite things together like that, the energy involved in the pleasure increases.

“Play always has techniques, or rules. The rules in some sense oppose the end of the play, but they also create tension and structure. This tension is the play of play–the play between this and that. And play also tends to have an aesthetic quality, because when you engage in it for its own sake, it doesn’t just provides fun but a tendency toward grace and beauty.

          “Super Body, Super Brain exercises do all that. There are certain basic exercises that you learn first, and then as you master the techniques your movements become smoother, you add things to them, and it becomes something more than simply exercise. It becomes fun. 

“Another concept to think about is that these exercises aren’t competitive. Doing them is not a race. You working against your personal best–that’s an essential element of play.”

And the audience is still very important—because the audience is you!   


The Super Body, Super Brain exercises advance gradually, so that children imperceptibly learn to perform more and more complex exercises. As integration of movement and balance improve, their powers of concentration and attention improve as well.

“This cannot help but improve problems with visual integration and with fine motor coordination and sensory-motor coordination, “yielding improvement is some children’s reading and writing, both in the sense of handwriting and in the sense of composition.”

          Improved motor skills, balance, and coordination are particularly important for bipolar children, as well as those with ADD, as they tend to be awkward, bullied, and isolated from group activities. They can do these exercises freed from any comparison to other children, as they’re only competing with themselves. And because the exercises are fun, children don’t see them as a chore, and improve their skills without even realizing it.



“I was going through an especially difficult period of my life, trying to deal with the challenges of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. My psychiatrist was an advocate of exercise, and I had tried several different types of workouts—plus I’d been a certified Pilate’s instructor so I understood the whole mind-body connection—but none of them made me feel better.  And then I met Michael.

“I quickly realized that I’d been focusing on the wrong mindset: losing the weight because I wanted to be a smaller dress size instead of dealing with what really counted in my life. Michael made me understand on the importance of the emotional program attached to the physical program. Once that sank in, I was able to throw all my energy toward the right set of goals and stop sabotaging myself. The gradual and consistent changes I saw and felt gave me the incentive I’d never gotten before to stand up to and defeat my own enemies inside my head.

          “Once we started working together, I lost a tremendous amount of weight very quickly. But that wasn’t anywhere as important to me as the fact that I felt so much better, particularly with my work; I’m a professional chef. I could be cooking at dinner parties for 60 people and supervising all my staff, and the anxiety about how to manage and multitask could do me in.

          “Even my boss noticed how much better I functioned and how much happier I was.

When I do the routines, I feel as if I’m what I call “the Flow.” Every move flows into the next and it’s incredibly soothing. But at the same time it’s empowering and energizing. For me, these exercises are as important for my mental health as a pill. Plus the only side effect they have is to make you look better and feel better—which does wonders for your self-esteem!”


“I’m a yoga instructor and mental health counselor and when pregnant with my second child I’d gotten gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and gained an unbelievable 100 pounds. At first I went to a fancy NYC gym, but all the trainer did was put me on the treadmill, even after I’d said that I’d just spent 45 minutes walking my older son to school and was already warmed up! Plus I have knee issues so I could not do anything remotely high impact.

          “Michael’s program was exactly what I was looking for, he tailored his workout for my goals – no impact and my need to lose the baby weight. I lost 20 pounds, then 40 more, and the last 10 took a while. So the biggest challenge was to devise exercises that give me the effects of high-impact exercise without actually doing anything-high impact!

          “The leg movements don’t go past a 90-degree angle, so my knees and other joints are always protected. And I also liked how the movements come out of your everyday repertoire of movements. There’s nothing you can’t easily do – but the combinations and multi-tasking are what’s unique.

“When I used a trainer to guide me in the gym, I felt tight, stressed, and bulky. These exercises are ideal for someone who does a lot of yoga – they made me even more pliable. It was if my body has become more spacious and not compacted. Instead, it’s toned, lean, and flexible.”

Indran 50 years old Strategic Finance    

I met Indran Purushothaman, a 42-year-old management consultant, when I worked as a trainer at New York Sports Club. He had a slip disc back injury—which happens when the discs that act as cushions between the vertebrae become dislodged, causing friction in the bone.  The catalyst: A collective of hours sitting hunched and crouched in front of his laptop and playing field hockey almost every Sunday since age 9. The slipped disc was pinching a nerve, and pains were shooting down to his ankle on his left side, so much that he couldn’t play anymore—a devastating blow. He tried physical therapy for a while, but it offered no relief. The suffering persisted, limiting his range of motion, interrupting his life. Doctors suggested he retire gracefully from the game.  But he wouldn’t bow out without a fight.  So, I started training him 3 times a week.

     Indran required a specific plan of action. First, he needed to build a sturdy core, which would help strengthen and straighten his spine. Dropping about 10 pounds would lighten the strain on his back. We had to work the muscles surrounding the core, since they’d been strained from the injury. “My favorite exercise is the reverse push-up,” he says, a move that’s performed going down the stairs, headfirst—slowly.

Within six months, after being out of the game for almost 2 years, the pain subsided and Indran was back on the hockey field, operating at about 95 percent. A year later, he revisited one of the physical therapists he’d seen before starting my program for an MRI. And there the formerly slipped disc was pictured in black and white, comfortably tucked into its proper position.  Indian’s relief wasn’t just psychological; there was an actual skeletal shift.

     “I’m strong. I’m happy. I feel so much more confident and at ease with my body,” Indran says. “And people have noticed. It feels so good to be asked, ‘Have you been working out?’ Sometimes, if you’re too stocky, you can look like a mean bugger. Having a toned physique makes you a lot more attractive. [Michael’s program] has changed my whole attitude.”

     And we’re still having a ball. As we get closer to the field hockey season, we concentrate more on his speed and muscle endurance. “Now all I have to do is lose a bit more of this belly,” he says. “We’re using the 4-day diet, so I’m on my way.”


“I met Michael when my husband and I hired him for only one hour, to teach us how to use the equipment that had just been installed in the gym in our apartment building in New York, but after one session we were hooked!

“At the time I was in my mid-forties and my shape had been shifting as I put on weight in my middle, and I was afraid my brain was going to turn to mush that a lot of my girlfriends had warned me about.  Instead, I was more energetic, stronger, and balanced, walking tall down the street with confidence because I was so strong in my core. Years of chronic shoulder pain also disappeared, which I’m convinced is due to my toned and firm shoulder and upper back muscles that gave me extra strength where I’d really needed it.

“I really noticed this when I went hiking again; it was activity I’d done a lot when I was in my twenties but I gave it up as I got older and felt more unsteady on my feet. I lost my nerve, and was too timid and uncertain on rough terrain to enjoy those hikes anymore. But, suddenly, there I was on the trail, not afraid anymore thanks to my new powers of balance and coordination.”


“I’m 44 and have been one of Michael’s clients for several years. His workouts have been hugely beneficial for me as a hedge fund manager and also for my passion: surfing.

          “Surfing is the kind of sport where you have to break down what you’re really doing—most people think the hard work is the getting up on the board and dealing with the waves, but the really tough stuff and the endurance component is when you’re paddling through big surf to struggle to get out to the waves. So it’s really important to have upper body strength as well as core strength if you want to surf well. You spend a lot of time on the board, where your legs and spine are flat and, in what’s like an extended plank position, where you need to elevate your shoulders, so you can see over the waves.

          “In addition, there’s a critical transition in the water, where you’re flat while you’re paddling, an explosive reaction when you suddenly have to jump up and stand on the board. This requires an extreme energy burst—but what’s tricky at the same time is that you get this huge adrenaline rush, but then you immediately have to calm yourself so that you remain relaxed and fluid enough to stay balanced on the board. If you’re too rigid, you’ll always fall.

          “So, for me, why Michael’s workout is so extremely effective is that it has enabled me to strengthen all my muscles as well as my reflexes, so I can pop up to the surfing position and find my balance immediately. Michael’s exercises always have you focused on doing at least 2 different multitasking movements simultaneously, so that’s the perfect training for surfing.  I now have the fluidity of movement as well as a keen sense of balance thanks to his strengthening my stabilizing muscles. As a result, my skill level as a surfer has gone up exponentially.

          “The Super Body, Super Brain exercises have also improved my balance tremendously for my golf game. Not just my physical coordination – because golf is also a mental game. I now have additional strength and flexibility, so I don’t have to swing as hard. I can do a full swing with the same power and much more accuracy.

“I’ve also noticed that my reflexes have sharpened in little ways. If I’m fumbling around in the medicine cabinet and if I knock a bottle of aspirin over, I can catch it in a flash. It’s not something I have to think about anymore – this instinctiveness of movement. I’m more highly tuned, so I know there’s definitely something going on mentally. It’s extremely exhilarating and rewarding.”



Family Experience:



Amy and Family


Wow, who would have ever thought our visit to the Mall of America and seeing and doing the “Super Body, Super Brain “first hand would turn into a new journey as a family. I have been working out in my home for a few years now and this is the only program I would consider to do as a family. My kids were so engaged with Michael’s program, I have never had to beg my kids to join in with this workout. I have seen improved motor skills, balance, and coordination in all of my kids. We feel it is very important to add exercise and spend less time watching T.V. and

Playing on the computer. It is a struggle in our home as I am sure with many others. We now have set limits and include Michaels “Super Body, Super Brain “programs to our household routine. The results have been rewarding for all of us! We love this system and all of its benefits!

Thanks Michael for coming up with a workout we all can do.


Before I began using the “Super Body, Super Brain “series I found that I was frequently tired during the workday. Since I have been doing the workouts my energy level has increased dramatically. I have tried other

 Workout programs before but has never been able to stay with them. The exercises in Michael’s programs are engaging and make you think. My ability to focus on my work during the day has improved and I am not as tired at the end of the day when I get home.

Amy Clauson

I have never enjoyed going to a health club to workout, it was hard to fit into my schedule. I have never been gifted with great balance or coordination so Michael’s “Super Body, Super Brain” Programs are perfect for me. It has helped me to improve my core body strength and balance.

 I love that you do not need a lot of equipment for this program; we have even brought it with us on vacations. I take great interest in any workout that is not only going to improve me physically but also one

That is mentally engaging. I have purchased many workout DVD’s s but this is the first workout for me that incorporates both the mental and physical components. We are a very busy family and it is awesome that this system combines three aspects; strength training, cardio, and mental stimulus to the same program. Thanks Michael!

Brooke age 10

I like doing the “Super Body, Super Brain “with my mom and sisters. One of my favorite exercises in the program is the OWL. The more I have done the workouts the more energy I have. I think it has helped me to play better for my basketball team. I pay better attention when I am playing and get less tired running up and down the court.

Kayla age 13

I have begun to try Michael’s “Super Body, Super Brain”. My goal is to use them to improve my posture and overall strength. I am not in any school sports so it gives me a chance to be more active. I cross country ski for fun and the workouts have helped improve my balance and coordination. I might even join the school ski team next year.

Cassie age 16

Since I have started using the “Super Body, Super Brain “I have seen a lot of self improvement. It has helped my endurance as well as my concentration levels. When I use it in the morning it helps me pay more attention in school. It also has helped me improve my basketball game and lacrosse skills. It has helped me a lot with my coordination and my balance. The steps are fun and easy to follow but it is an intense workout with great results.